Kyle Kosma

Release date:
August 31,2012

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USD$0.99 and Free


A Hookshot adventure! Don't fall and don't lose your limbs. Anyo and Rui love to swing high above the clouds. Join them as they soar through strange worlds shoot from cannons, dangle by giant bubbles, bounce on enormous springs and dodge falling thingamajigs. Use Rui to swing Anyo safely through each level without losing all his limbs. Climb the leaderboards by collecting all the stars, setting record times and keeping your limbs! Can you reach the finish in one piece?


  • 30 levels spanning 5 whimsical worlds
  • Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Intuitive controls allow you to grapple, swing, lower and raise yourself with ease
  • Physics based dynamic environments with moving platforms, gravity shifts, and more


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Selected Reviews

  • "Anyo and Rui is a great game to pick up for fans of Hanger, as well as gamers looking for a decent challenge, and a whole lot of replay value...once you complete the game, you'll definitely be wanting more."

    - SYNTHETICVOID, the-appshack.com

  • "...it's strange, quirky and odd, I feel like that's what makes it so great...Anyo and Rui is a heck of a game. "

    - Angela LaFollette, 148apps.com

About Kyle Kosma

After long having desired to create an iOS game, Kyle Kosma began development in September 2011. Anyo and Rui is his first iOS release.

Anyo and Rui Credits

Kyle Kosma
Design,Code, and Art

Tim Drexl
Music, "Space Cactus Valley", Music from the year 2000

Software Used
Corona Sdk, Level Helper, Physics Editor

Game Mechanic Inspired by
"Hanger" by, a small game

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